Ukiha At A Glance

Ukiha is where the authentic Japanese rural landscape, which has been maintained for centuries by the agricultural community, breathes the rhythm of transiting season just as it did two thousand years ago. It is yet not a remote backwoods – only 50 km away from the urban Fukuoka area, which might account for the local people’s openness towards visitors and new events/programs. Its main industry is agriculture, with the product varying by the soil quality and the altitude –you see the fields of rice all over the flat area, orchards and tea farms covering the foot of the hills, and there is forestry and a valley of terraced rice paddies in the mountain area.

As Ukiha’s history dates back more than three thousands years, there are also numerous remains of king’s tombs from AD 5C. Two areas of Ukiha are designated by the national government as the monumental sites: one in Chikugo Yoshii area where there are white-walled merchants’ houses now converted into cafes and galleries, and another deep in the mountain with thatched houses and rice terraces.

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