Yukitaka Kawakita / Kusumori-dou Tea Farm

Young Lord of Kawakita Estate

Isamu Ishii / Minou Books & Café

Book Café

Kazuhiro Yamaguchi / Jingoro

Woodwork, furniture

Masao Seki / Shigatsu-no-Sakana

Wirework, Gallerist

Takako Goto / Plantago

Food specialist

Katsuya Sugi / Riverwild Ham Factory

Ham & Sausage, Pork

Yosuke Nagao / Nagao Noodle Factory


Ryogo Iwamoto, Ebisumachi Coffee

Coffee roaster, Café owner

Takeshi Ohmura

Pottery Artist

Tatsuya Kawaguchi, Tecara

Film making, Design


What distinguishes Ukiha’s community from other rural areas is the remarkably progressive and creative attitude of the resident creators and food producers. Whatever their field is - be it production of milk, tea, ham, fruits, woodwork, pottery or furniture - the producers are refined in both the taste and skill. There is clearly what you might call Ukiha’s style in the looks of the town and shops, as well as in the quality of products, which comes from the common attitude of the creators as both disciplined artisans and daring, experimental artists.
Though Ukiha is still a village rather than a city, there are enough cultural stimulation in the life here. Local business owners often organize artistic events and exhibitions - a contemporary piano concert in an old factory, a pop-up cafes and performances scattered in a whole block, short film shows, etc.. all taking place in beautiful historic structures.
What you could do here as an artist incorporating the sites and venues, as well as collaborating with people of Ukiha, exchanging mutual inspiration, comes in a great variety.
Explore this site to see if there is something or someone that clicks with your interest and the field of work.


-Kawakita Residence

-Tsuzura Rice Terrace

-Sugikoujou Furniture Factory

-Igura-no-Yakata Former Merchant’s House

-Outdoor Theatre


Examples of the organizations/institutes:

If you are willing to have an artist’s talk event or lectures and workshops during your stay,
or work with some groups, we will help you coordinate such an event in and near Ukiha.

Kyushu University, Faculty of Design

Taketa Art Culture

- A historic castle town in Oita prefecture, vibrant with young artists’ community

And other schools and community groups…

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