What is Ukiha AIR?

- AIR stands for Artist in Residence. Ukiha AIR started up as Ukiha City’s official international exchange programs with artist-in-residence as its main pillar in 2016. As the initiative coincided with the Dutch Government’s cultural program Holland x Kyushu 2016-17, our international programs have been mainly focusing on the relations and exchange with Dutch entities and individuals so far. We aim to develop the scheme into a wider-ranged international art/culture programs in coming years, in both terms with the origin of the artist(s) and the category/field they work in. We are open to suggestions and offers for collaboration from anyone around the world!

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Ukiha BEE

Ukiha Bureau of Exchange and Experience is a private office, which undertakes wide range of international matters under exclusive contracts with Ukiha City. Our hope is to create and promote the City’s image worldwide, through the channels of actual collaborative programs. Thus, what we do with whom in such programs matters to us greatly. We focus on planning, developing and directing the contents of the program, which is unique and tailored to Ukiha, hand in hand with the exchange counterparts.


Born in Fukuoka City, the biggest urban area of south of Japan, in a family of a physician and a nursery school teacher as the eldest child of four, I grew up with a yarning for both outside Japan and the tradition, neither of which were missing in the life of an average girl in a typical Japanese suburb. This curiosity led me to study in Kobe City University of Foreign Studies, spend a year in New Zealand, then to develop my career in translation and international business afterwards. After working in different cities of Japan as a freelance translator, I finally found a place I want to call “home” in 2014 – Ukiha was a typical image of Japanese countryside which, I had started to wonder, might have only existed in fairy tales, yet with highly sophisticated cultural and creative community. Just as I was struck by the encounter, I am sure that people from urban areas of Japan as well as overseas would enjoy discovering this magic land, and it would be my utmost pleasure if I could be the guide for your Japan-experience tale. Whether you have your own plan or not, contact me first to see what kind of program we could draw together.
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