Concert by the Dutch-Japanese Pianist/Performing and visual art director Tomoko Mukaiyama at the atmospheric centuries-old Sugikoujou Factory in Ukiha, was held in October 2017 as part of HollandxKyushu programs.

Specially hand-selected wine by a local sommelier was served before the concert with complementary Dutch cheese and locally produced charcuterie as collaborative participation by the local food producers.

Event page: 

Organized a piano concert by the Fabulous Tomoko Mukaiyama. I'm a huge fan of hers now! Worked out impeccably at the beautiful venue Sugikoujou, with the help of the factory staff and those of Ukiha City. Was a bit concerned about the scale of the event being so small and hand-made, but Tomoko waved her wand and turned it into an enchanting and intimate little session that resonates with the beautiful audience. Deep appreciation goes to the ever-so-supportive Dutch Embassy!