April 2017

Our first official Artist in Residence program in Ukiha in collaboration with Mondriaan Fond of the Netherlands is going as fabulous as it ever can! I'm so happy Silvia Martes is the artist who came on board, who is already making friends with lots of local people here.
She's going to stay in a house City provides for three months and make a short film on the theme of love, incorporating Ukiha's people and featuring the scenery of this authentic Japanese countryside.

Silvia’s Introduction in Ukiha

Silvia Martes had her introductory screening in an old furniture factory Sugikoujou in Ukiha. Around 40 people gathered to see her work, enjoyed chatting with her over the beautifully presented dishes made by a local food coordinator.

Shooting goes on…

Studio/house/coverage by local newspaper

Ukiha Premier

The film by our artist on program Silvia Martes had its premier showing at the 100 year-old merchant’s house in Ukiha to celebrate the closing of her residency.

The trailer can be found on her website:
On the 27th of June in 1598, four Dutch ships named The Love, The Hope, The Belief and the Trust set sail with Japan as its final destination. Belief turned around and went back home. Hope Drowned. Trust was murdered. But Love made it to shore. Why did only love survive?

Presentation in Tokyo @ Kyodo House

With the support by Dutch Embassy, our first official artist on Ukiha X Mondriaan Fond residency program Silvia Martes showed her work produced during her three-month stay in our city at a creator’s shared space Kyodo House in Tokyo.

The work integrates the artist's refined and inimitable world of images with the local faces and locations, opening the door to Ukiha's citizens to the uncannily familiar yet strikingly eye-opening visual experience.